Want some answers? Tired of the talking media heads who have no idea what is going on? Wondering why this is all happening? Wondering when its going to stop?

Get the answers you need to protect yourself, your money, your work, your community. Break through all the noise and confusion with the easy-to-understand principles of money and work and responsibility.

Once you understand why things are the way they are, you can move with confidence and certainty to get out of debt, save and invest and protect your money, find work you love, and be a shield for those you love and care about.

Packed with illustrations, step-by-step action plans, links to key websites, books, and tools to win, all wrapped in an optimistic perspective for what your future can look like.

The biggest bubble is bursting - our entire country - and this book delivers what you need to know and understand to survive and thrive.

Time to get busy.

As Ron Paul says: "For too long the average American has been bewildered by the incomprehensible jargon of economists; "The Prosperity Handbook" explains money in terms that anyone can understand."

Understanding is the beginning of knowledge - knowledge is the base for making solid plans for success - implementing plans is the conversion of plans to reality. This book is the beginning coupled with the tools you need for an action plan.

Stop listening to the talking media heads, the lying politicians and appointed "officials", and accepting the status quo. Take charge of your life, your money, your work, and your community, starting now.



             Dime          Quarter        Half Dollar         Dollar      $5 Half Eagle   $20 Liberty Head

    Here's a site that calculates the value of those old silver coins in today's U.S. dollars in a very simple way.
  In the 30's the government decided that U.S. citizens could not own any gold, and confiscated it from all the people in the U.S.A.. The government devalued the dollar by 40% as soon as they got, what they thought was, all the gold.
  Silver stayed in circulation until 1964, when the government again decided that silver was to valuable to be used as currency. (In other words they were limited in the production of money by the attachment of the dollar to tangible assets like gold and silver)
  But , let's take a look at something. look at the following compared to prices of silver today.
  2 silver dimes can buy 1 gallon of gas.
  2 silver quarters can buy a gallon of milk.
  3 silver half dollars can buy a pair of Wrangler Jeans
  1 silver dollar can buy 1 1/2 lbs. of good quality Rib Eye steak at the grocery store.
  Kind of give you an idea of how the government has inflated the prices we pay for all the products we use?


This is a great summary of  Chris Martenson's


"Crash Course" on what the economy is all about.


 It will make you think about what is really going on,


 and not be real happy about it.You can watch it at





or purchase it here and watch at your convenience or


 share with a friend.


A fast-moving visual explanation of how our



system works, and the key part that YOU play in



keeping it going. NOT for the faint hearted -



this will make you realize how you have been used


and abused for decades as a part of the American way



of life


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