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Hey, welcome to the home of The Handbook for Prosperity.

Here you can find the answers you are looking for that explain the financial mess our country is in. You'll also find tools and links to help you figure out how to survive and thrive in these tough times.

But for this all to make sense, you have to get the fundamentals down pat. You have to know and understand why what is happening is happening. 

Then you won't be confused or mislead by the promises of politicians, the Fed, or the Treasury to help you. They cannot help you. They are responsible for this mess we are in now. In order to fix the problem created by these people, you have to have different minds to fix it besides the ones that created it. (Thank you Albert Einstein for that insight.)

The best mind to use to get yourself out of this train wreck alive and whole and well is your own. That's why this website is here, and it is why I wrote the book. Anyone can read it and understand the whys and wherefores of our collective circumstances. 

But more important, you'll understand why you are in trouble. YOU. Personally. And no one is better able to fix that than you.

So start reading, start learning. And start applying your new knowledge to making things right for you, and for the people you care about.

You can do it. I did. So have thousands of others. Just takes some time. Some thinking. A bit of a plan. And then do it!

You'll be forever thankful you took the steps to begin building wealth. Or protecting and growing what you already have managed to accumulate.


Free DVD Offer On Blog Page !!

The Handbook For Prosperity

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  • How To Get Control of Your Money, Your Work, and Your Life


Ron Paul   (Congressman, Texas 
 Presidential  Candidate 2008 )

"Explains money in terms anyone can understand"

 Richard Russell  (Longest-running - 50 years+ - successful financial newsletter writer in the world. Recognized as the leading guru of market trends and analysis.)

" Truly an impressive effort. Deserves a wide audience"


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Robert L. Wilson


Fully Revised Edition  of "The Prosperity Handbook"


362 Pages long, including illustrations, very easy read.


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